Best Traditional Dishes In Nepali Restaurant Menu


Sinki is simply fermented radish, whereas Gundruk is fermented and dried radish leaves. For most Nepalese people these food items have sentimental values attached with them.  More than just food they carry Nepalese identity.



Usually consumed with fresh green chili, dhindo was at one time considered the food of the poor. Today, this dish made of gruel of ground millet is considered a delicacy by the affluent urban class. Dhindo fuels the many uphill and downhill climb of Nepalis living in the mid-hills and mountains. 



Today, almost everyone in Nepal loves gulping Momos. When the traders returned to Nepal from Tibet, they carried with them the know-how of the dish. These dumplings are enjoyed with accompanying spicy jhol achar—a tangy and sour chutney. Momos are served in the most luxurious hotels in Kathmandu, as well as small outlets in narrow alleys of urban cities of Nepal. In fact, these dumplings are the only item found in many momo restaurants of Nepal.



At every Local Newari Restaurant in Nepal, you will definitely find Chhwela; a dish made of red meat, blackened in the smoke and tempered with mustard oil and hot spices. The pungent aroma of  flavors of Chhwela coming from spices sautéed in mustard oil is just irresistible for many.



Enhanced with flavors of spices like cardamom, and clove brought from South India, Mari is a delicious Newari sweetmeat. These sugar-encrusted sweetmeats can be carried over long distances and preserved over long periods.  Maris are also consumed by being wrapped in   swaris (White, soft, deep-fried breads)



 Juju dhau is dense and rich Yogurt, and a specialty of Bhaktapur. Traditionally, this rich, silky, clotted and sweet yogurt have been sold in a baked, clean earthen pots.  Making a perfect juju dhau requires expertise and knowledge about instructions passed down from previous generations. 



For many decades, people in the cities and towns of Kathmandu have been enjoying Chatamari and Woh(Bara) at neighborhood joints. They are popular snack-breads which many identify as Newari pizza. Chatamari & Bara are mostly topped with mincemeat, egg, tomatoes, etc.

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