Hotel in Kathmandu with Luxury Services

The hotel is a commercial establishment that provides accommodation, food & beverages, and other recreational facilities like Gym, spa, swimming pool, shopping arcade, etc. In simple words hotel is a building where people stay on holidays and vacations, paying for their rooms and meals. Inn, motel, bed and breakfast, and guest house are synonyms for the hotel. There are many hotels in Kathmandu and one of the best hotels to experience luxury hotel services is Lotus Club Hotel. Hotels can be classified in various ways, for example, by size, area, administration, star rating, and conveniences. Lodgings are generally regularly classified by the degree of administration and property type. There are many hotels in Kathmandu and one of the best hotels to experience luxury hotel services is Lotus Club Hotel.

The Lotus Club hotel has many services for their guest to give them the best experience while they are on vacation and holidays and choose the Lotus Club Hotel to stay. The Lotus Club provides luxury hotel services which are:


The Lotus Club Hotel is one of the best Restaurant in Kathmandu with its a-list cooks and energetic food creators, Lotus Club brings you both public and worldwide foods with food loaded up with taste. If you want to taste the best traditional dishes in Nepali restaurants then The Lotus Club is the best destination for you. Here you can get shinki and gundruk, dhido, momo,chhewela, mari, juju dhau, chatamari and bara etc.

Swimming Pool

The Lotus Club Hotel is also famous for the hotel with  swimming pool which is a great service for the guests. The water in the pool and changing room is always clean, so you never need to worry about the cleanliness of the swimming pool.

GYM Club

Everyone wants to be fit in their daily life so people join the gym but while they are on vacation and visit the hotel it is really hard to find the gym club inside the hotel. So, the Lotus Club Hotel came up with the GYM Club inside of the hotel for their guest.

SPA and Jacuzzi

A spa and jacuzzi hotel is a hotel where the spa and Jacqui are located in or on the grounds of a hotel. In broad terms, a spa and jacuzzi are an establishment that offers some kind of relaxing, therapeutic, or beauty treatment. It can be a place where you go for a single treatment, a full spa day, or an all-inclusive package. There are many different types of spas. These can range from elaborate wellness places with steam rooms, relaxation rooms, and jacuzzis.

Sauna and Steam

The Lotus Club Hotel provides a tranquility spa in Kathmandu along with Organic Firewood Sauna and Steam that takes you to the ultimate pleasure and relaxation. The peace of mind, body, and soul with priceless experience of luxury in the center of Kathmandu.

Hotel in Kathmandu with luxury Services
Hotel in Kathmandu with luxury Services

These kinds of all services are available at Lotus club hotel which is located in Manmaiju, Gongabu Bus Park. This is a three-star hotel whose motto is a luxury experience on a budget. You can enjoy these all services and treatments in the lotus club hotel with your family or friends and it will be a great experience for you. In the daily hustle and bustle of city life, the lotus club hotel brings you a peaceful and rejoicing experience with a touch of elegance with good food, a stress-relieving, and health-benefiting Spa, Sauna, Swimming, and Gym.

So, if you want to experience these all facilities and services in one place with your family and friends or with close ones then The Lotus Club Hotel is the perfect place for you. So hurry up and book the package according to your needs through our hotel website or you guys can directly contact us and get the booking.