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Jacuzzi in Kathmandu

There are several hotel in Kathmandu, Nepal that offer Jacuzzi facilities for their guests. A Jacuzzi is a large tub or pool that is equipped with underwater jets that circulate and massage water, creating a relaxing and therapeutic experience. Lotus club is a popular option to enjoy the jacuzzi with your friends and family. It’s always a good idea to check with the hotel directly to confirm if they have Jacuzzi facilities and whether they are available for use by non-guests. Lotus club also has facilities that are popular in Kathmandu such as those listed below:





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Organic Sauna

Dry Heat treat with all-natural & organic firewood providing heavenly relaxation and relieves symptoms of medical conditions.



A moisturized heated room that improves blood circulation, reduces stress, opens up sinuses, and burns calories.



A perfect way to massage the body to relax and unwind yourself




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