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About Us

Luxury Hotel Services in a Single Place.

Lotus is a multi-service venue where we provide Natural Oil Spa Treatment, Organic Firewood Sauna, Steam, Jacuzzi, Restaurant, Hotel, Swimming Pool, and Gym; ensuring a premium experience. Lotus club is the one-stop Restaurant in Kathmandu.


We Provide Various Types of Services in Hotel


We want our customers to feel like they can have a peaceful and joyful family and friends time here in Lotus Club. With all our glamorous yet affordable services situated in one place, at the heart of the town, we hope to provide memorable and healthy experiences to our wonderful customers.

Our Team

Sanjiv Kumar Shah


In our busy lives, we hardly have enough time to visit different places for different services. And Lotus Club is here to help you with that problem. We offer you various services such as Swimming Pool, Gym, Restaurant, Spa, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Hotel, and many more in a single place.   Our goal over the years is to, extend our services with our various branches in different major parts of Kathmandu and the major cities, outside the valley.  

Madhu Sudan Pandey


No matter what service of ours you come for, you're sure to have a good experience and a good time. It will certainly be a memorable time for you that you'll cherish for a long time.  


What We Offer for You

Delightful Experiences & Services that we warm-heartedly offer you.


Delicious and Healthy, Clean and Fast Service! Unbelievable? Come in for the experience. We don't disappoint.

Swimming Pool

Don't you want to swim off your summer heat? Bring your family & friends, we'd love to see you have fun.


Wonder how relaxing it must be to experience Jacuzzi?


Experience a stay like no other place at Lotus Group Hotel.

Gym Club

Say Good-bye to lazy days and crunch with us and join the gym life! Your healthy lifestyle needs you to workout.


De-stress and get relieved of all muscle pain and aches.