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Family Restaurants In Kathmandu

We all want to spend a pleasant evening, participating in some serious chat and nibbling some wonderful food at a family restaurant. Just a menu that features an array of delicious dishes is not enough to make family restaurants successful nowadays. If you want your family restaurant to succeed your business needs to focus on the following aspects in addition to delicious dishes. 


1. Relaxing, Safe, and Comfortable Ambience

Compared to other restaurants, pubs, and clubs, a family restaurant should feel safer and more comfortable. These restaurants must have a pleasant ambiance so that visiting families get to unwind and bond. Some eateries even keep shelves filled with books for visitors who love to read. 


2. Parking Lot

Parking lots add extra convenience for families who dine at your restaurant. Especially in a populated city like Kathmandu, without a parking facility, your restaurant may lose valuable potential guests.


3. Dedicated Space for Children

 Sometimes looking after children at restaurants may become burdensome for parents. Dedicating a space or a playground to keep children busy may prove helpful in bringing in more families to your restaurant.


4. Thakali Food

Serving Thakali food, which is a form of Nepalese staple ( Dal, Bhat, Tarkari…) may woo more families to eat at your restaurant. A thakali set provides a balanced diet and fills empty tummies which makes it a perfect dish for them. 


5. A Crime-Free Location.

If a location is notorious for having high crime rates like thefts and assaults it is wise not to run a Family Restaurant in the area. Rather choose a neighborhood that has a very low number of bad incidents and good security.


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