Exploring the Different Types of Hotel Room

Hotel Room means any room or suite of rooms or other facility affording sleeping accommodations to the general public and situated within a hotel. In simple words, it is a space for overnight accommodations in a hotel or other lodging establishment. There are many types of hotel room and it typically includes a bed, furniture, and sometimes a private bathroom. The room may be for single or double occupancy, and it may be one of several rooms in a hotel. There are many different types of hotel in Kathmandu, Nepal with many types of hotel rooms.

Type of hotel rooms available in Nepal


  1. Single Bed Room
  2. Double Bed Room 
  3. Quad Room
  4. Standard Room
  5. Deluxe Room
  6. Suite Room
  7. Family Room
  8. Honeymoon Suite
  9. Royal Suite

Single Bed

single bed room, types of hotel room

A single bedroom is a type of hotel room that is designed for single occupancy and typically includes one bed. The room may have other furniture, such as a desk or a chair, and a private bathroom. Single-bed rooms are usually smaller than other types of hotel rooms and are designed for travelers who are traveling alone or for those who only need a bed for one person. These rooms are usually the most affordable room type offered by a hotel and are suited for travelers who are on a budget or have simple accommodation needs. It is one of the common types of rooms which is available in every kind of boutique hotel in Kathmandu.


Double Bed

double bed room, types of hotel room

A double bedroom is a types of hotel room that typically includes one larger bed that is meant for two people. The room may have other furniture, such as a desk or a chair, and a private bathroom. Double bedrooms are usually larger than single bedrooms and are designed for travelers who are traveling as a couple or with a companion. These rooms are usually more expensive than single bedrooms but are still affordable and are suited for travelers who want more comfort and space during their stay.


Quad Room

quad room,types of hotel room

A quad room is a types of hotel room or dormitory room that has four beds. It is typically set up for four people to stay comfortably. This means the room will have two double beds. Some, however, may be set up dormitory-style with bunks or twins, so check with the property to make sure.


Standard Room

standard room

A standard room is a basic type of hotel room that typically has the minimum amenities required for a comfortable stay. The least expensive room type at the hotel is a standard room. A king-size bed or two twin beds can be found in this style of a single room. It usually includes a bed, furniture, and a private bathroom. The room may have simple decor and limited extra features such as a TV, telephone, or a small seating area. Standard rooms are usually the most affordable room type offered by a hotel and are suitable for travelers who are on a budget or have simple accommodation needs.


Deluxe Room

deluxe room

A deluxe room is a type of hotel room that provides a higher level of comfort and amenities compared to a standard room. This room’s view, setting, high-tech furnishings, decorations, and shapes are all luxurious, as the name “Deluxe” suggests. It typically includes a larger or more luxurious bed, additional furniture, and enhanced amenities such as a TV, telephone, air conditioning, mini-fridge, and a larger private bathroom. Deluxe rooms are typically more expensive than standard rooms and are suited for travelers who want more comfort and amenities during their stay.


Suite Room

suite room

A suite in a hotel is a type of room that provides more space and luxury than a standard or deluxe room. It typically consists of separate living and sleeping areas and may have a separate bedroom, living room, and sometimes a dining area. Suites usually have a larger and more luxurious private bathroom, a fully equipped kitchenette or a full kitchen, and a range of other high-end amenities such as a TV, telephone, air conditioning, and a larger seating area. Suites are usually the most expensive room type offered by a hotel and are suited for travelers who want more space and comfort during their stay, such as families or business travelers. Every luxury hotel in Kathmandu has this type of room.


Family Room

family room

 A family room is a type of hotel room that is designed to accommodate families with children. It typically includes multiple beds, or a combination of double and single beds, to accommodate a larger number of people. Family rooms may also have additional furniture, such as a sofa or a pull-out bed, to provide more sleeping and seating options. Family rooms are usually larger than standard or deluxe rooms and are designed to provide families with more space and comfort during their stay and you can also get services like family restaurants in Kathmandu.


Honeymoon Suite

honeymoon suite

A honeymoon suite is a type of hotel room that is specifically designed for couples, typically newlyweds, on their honeymoon. It is a luxurious and romantic room that provides privacy and comfort for couples. The room may have a large and comfortable bed, a private bathroom with luxurious amenities, and a range of high-end features such as a TV, telephone, air conditioning, and a seating area. These rooms are usually more expensive than standard or deluxe rooms and are suited for couples who want a romantic and luxurious accommodation experience during their honeymoon. You can also book the package for this type of hotel room.


Royal Suite

royal suite

A royal suite is a type of hotel room that provides the ultimate luxury hotel services, comfort, and space. It is typically the largest and most expensive room type offered by a hotel. Royal suites may have several separate rooms, including a bedroom, living room, dining room, and sometimes additional bedrooms for guests.

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Luxury Hotel in Kathmandu

The word “Luxury” basically refers to a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense. Likewise, Luxury Hotel refers to hotels that provide redefined hospitality to its clients. There are lots of luxury hotel in Kathmandu that have been serving its clients with top notch services for decades.


Lotus Club is among those hotels that has been providing luxury hotel services to its clients and has been drastically  rising in the hotel industry with its reputation. Lotus Club is a multi-service venue which is located at Manamaiju, Kathmandu, Nepal. The Club provides various services like Hotel, Restaurant, Swimming Pool, Spa, Steam/Sauna, Venue, Fitness Center etc.


 Luxury comes with a price, however when you stay at a   hotel, you will surely be getting the best in class for what your money’s worth. From the food at the in-house restaurants to high speed Wi-Fi that you cannot even get in most of the high-class internet cafes, every aspect of your stay in a luxury hotel is guaranteed to be the best in class. 


We have a splendid Swimming Pool

These days having a hotel with a swimming pool has become a necessity for guests. The scorching sun of Kathmandu has made guests want a swimming pool while accommodating to cool off the heat.


Among the hotels in Kathmandu, Lotus Club is one hotel with a swimming pool that is friendly for both adults and children. The swimming pool emphasizes all the safety measures for its guests along with a well-structured changing room and rest room.


Luxury Hotel Services


Restaurant provides scrumptious meals

Along with the accommodation, they also have a restaurant where you can enjoy the world’s best delicacies and diverse food choices. They have the best chefs to serve only scrumptious food when it comes to serve their guests. 


The Restaurant uses fresh local ingredients  and is always ready to accommodate the request of their guests. Restaurants in Kathmandu hardly do that due to the overflow of customers; however, the Club aims to meet every demand of its customers.


We have well-furnished fitness and wellness center

Lotus Club has established its business in such a way that you won’t need to travel far away from your hotel for different services. Lotus Club aims to provide the best health and wellness facilities in Kathmandu such as firewood sauna/steam, spa, well-equipped gym, jacuzzi and a swimming pool that are both friendly for adults and children. the luxury hotel in Kathmandu, Lotus Club provides service that allows you to escape for tranquility their extravagance services.


Luxury Hotel Services

Luxury indoor firewood sauna

A sauna is typically a room heated to between 70 to 100 degree Celsius or 158 to 212 degree fahrenheit. The average person will pour out a pint of sweat during a short stint in a sauna. The pulse rate jumps by 30% or more. It allows the heart to nearly double the amount of blood it pumps each minute . It helps with improving cardiovascular health, skin problems, reducing stress, easing pain etc.



 A steam is basically a room with a water-filled generator pumps steam into an enclosed space so there is moisture in the air when people are sitting in it. Steam therapy can come with lots of health benefits such as : lowering blood pressure, clearing congestion, improving circulation etc.


Jacuzzi to escape to tranquility

Jacuzzi is a large circular bath that is filled with hot water which is fitted with a device which makes the water move around. This therapy benefits in relieving stress, muscle relaxation, reliefs pain, improves cardiovascular health etc.


Well-equipped gym to reach you fitness goals

Lotus Club  has a well-equipped gym  and along with that comes various gym packages. Heavy lifting, cardio workout , HIIT etc. are some of the fitness packages. If necessary they also provide personal trainers to customize your workout and meal to reach your goal. You can find these services in other hotels as well however, Lotus Club surely gives you the a unique one.


Along with the gym, they also have a swimming pool that is both adult and children friendly. Besides that, Lotus Club provides a well structured changing room and restroom keeping clean considering sanitation and spacious parking spaces. 

Hotel in Kathmandu with Luxury Services

The hotel is a commercial establishment that provides accommodation, food & beverages, and other recreational facilities like Gym, spa, swimming pool, shopping arcade, etc. In simple words hotel is a building where people stay on holidays and vacations, paying for their rooms and meals. Inn, motel, bed and breakfast, and guest house are synonyms for the hotel. There are many hotels in Kathmandu and one of the best hotels to experience luxury hotel services is Lotus Club Hotel. Hotels can be classified in various ways, for example, by size, area, administration, star rating, and conveniences. Lodgings are generally regularly classified by the degree of administration and property type. There are many hotels in Kathmandu and one of the best hotels to experience luxury hotel services is Lotus Club Hotel.

The Lotus Club hotel has many services for their guest to give them the best experience while they are on vacation and holidays and choose the Lotus Club Hotel to stay. The Lotus Club provides luxury hotel services which are:


The Lotus Club Hotel is one of the best Restaurant in Kathmandu with its a-list cooks and energetic food creators, Lotus Club brings you both public and worldwide foods with food loaded up with taste. If you want to taste the best traditional dishes in Nepali restaurants then The Lotus Club is the best destination for you. Here you can get shinki and gundruk, dhido, momo,chhewela, mari, juju dhau, chatamari and bara etc.

Swimming Pool

The Lotus Club Hotel is also famous for the hotel with  swimming pool which is a great service for the guests. The water in the pool and changing room is always clean, so you never need to worry about the cleanliness of the swimming pool.

GYM Club

Everyone wants to be fit in their daily life so people join the gym but while they are on vacation and visit the hotel it is really hard to find the gym club inside the hotel. So, the Lotus Club Hotel came up with the GYM Club inside of the hotel for their guest.

SPA and Jacuzzi

A spa and jacuzzi hotel is a hotel where the spa and Jacqui are located in or on the grounds of a hotel. In broad terms, a spa and jacuzzi are an establishment that offers some kind of relaxing, therapeutic, or beauty treatment. It can be a place where you go for a single treatment, a full spa day, or an all-inclusive package. There are many different types of spas. These can range from elaborate wellness places with steam rooms, relaxation rooms, and jacuzzis.

Sauna and Steam

The Lotus Club Hotel provides a tranquility spa in Kathmandu along with Organic Firewood Sauna and Steam that takes you to the ultimate pleasure and relaxation. The peace of mind, body, and soul with priceless experience of luxury in the center of Kathmandu.

Hotel in Kathmandu with luxury Services
Hotel in Kathmandu with luxury Services

These kinds of all services are available at Lotus club hotel which is located in Manmaiju, Gongabu Bus Park. This is a three-star hotel whose motto is a luxury experience on a budget. You can enjoy these all services and treatments in the lotus club hotel with your family or friends and it will be a great experience for you. In the daily hustle and bustle of city life, the lotus club hotel brings you a peaceful and rejoicing experience with a touch of elegance with good food, a stress-relieving, and health-benefiting Spa, Sauna, Swimming, and Gym.

So, if you want to experience these all facilities and services in one place with your family and friends or with close ones then The Lotus Club Hotel is the perfect place for you. So hurry up and book the package according to your needs through our hotel website or you guys can directly contact us and get the booking.

Best Boutique Hotels In Kathmandu

Boutique hotels are compact, chic hotels, usually found in fashionable urban locations. These accommodations are more intimate, luxurious, and smaller and provide individualized service, a distinctive personality, and an intimate setting.

Boutique hotels can focus more on giving each visitor a really personalized experience and attending to your every need because they are smaller in size and have fewer rooms.

1.Basera Boutique Hotel

Basera Boutique Hotel has a total of 60 rooms available and is located in Singh Durbar, Babar Mahal, Kathmandu. Equipped with all the facilities, you can cool yourself in the swimming pool, take a hot bath in the sauna, relax yourself in the spa and take care of your health in the fitness center.


At Basera Boutique Hotel you can always stay cool during the summer and warm during 

winter seasons, relieve yourself from tension, visit various nearby attractions and spend your boring leisure time with your friends & families.

2.Kumari Boutique Hotel

 Located at the center of Kathmandu, Jyatha, and Thamel, Kumari Boutique Hotel is a new brand in the Nepalese tourism and hospitality sector that has already established its distinctiveness through its quality service and affectionate care

The hotel has 18 Super Deluxe rooms along with 2 Suite Rooms. Each room is provided with basic facilities which include:

In-room Amenities

  1. Attached bathrooms
  2. Mini fridge
  3. Tea maker
  4. High-speed free internet access (Wi-Fi)
  5. Air-conditioned rooms
  6. Telephone service
  7. TV with satellite channels
  8. Safe deposit box

Facilities & Services

  • Airport pick-up (with service charge)
  • Room service
  • Luggage storage service
  • Air and bus ticket reservation
  • Laundry and dry cleaning
  • Spa booking
  • Organize tours
  • Car and bike hiring service


3.Thamel Boutique Hotel

Thamel Boutique is a Hotel for those passionate about luxury and comfort. Located in Bhagwati Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal, the hotel is dedicated to providing exceptionally friendly and personalized services.

In-house laundry service and a travel info desk are other handy services available to our esteemed guests. Equipped with all modern facilities, you will enjoy Thamel Boutiques’ on-site restaurant, terrace garden, coffee house, and bar with various exclusive items to make your stay a happy one.


4. Paradise Villa Boutique Hotel

Located in Tusal Height, Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu, Paradise Villa is a full-fledged deluxe hotel. Paradise Villa’s top-notch services include luxury facilitated rooms, Spa massage, Jacuzzi, Cafeteria, Dry Sauna, a Steam, and a Conference hall. 

All of the paradise villa’s rooms combine elements of style, elegance, and modern facilities to provide a comfortable stay. The convenient location and nearby trekking destination make the boutique hotel even more appealing. Paradise Villa has Deluxe, Super Deluxe, and Suite Rooms and offers different hotel meal plans to its guests. 


5.Dalai-La Boutique Hotel

 With all of the rooms decorated with traditional Buddhist and Nepalese motifs and skylights and huge windows enabling as much natural light as possible to fill the space, Dalai-La Boutique Hotel is a luxury hotel that expresses traditional Nepalese culture. This Boutique hotel with gym, yoga, and meditation studio. 

With 25 boutique rooms perfectly designed to give you a comfortable stay, the hotel is located at the heart of Kathmandu City at Chaksibari Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal.